Biox products have a multitude of applications in the removal of
vertigris, scale and oxide contaminates. Immersing the object
to be cleaned ensures all surfaces are treated.

Biox Liquid coupled with our Ultrasonic tanks speeds the
cleaning process by a factor of four.

General directions for use:

1) Remove oil, grease and loose surface materials with Biox BioDeg. Agitate Biox Liquid well before use.

2) Just immerse the article to be cleaned for anything up to 8 hours and rinse off with water.

3) Very light contamination or tarnish is removed in a matter of 15 minutes.

4) Biox removes tarnish, oxides, verdigris, manufacturing process, contaminants from Iron, Steel, Copper, Brass and Aluminium.

After cleaning protect a preservative such as oil.

Biox products unique benefits :

Low Voc's - Non Hazardous - Non Toxic - Non Flammable - Nato Approved

Biox Liquid and Gel is used within industry, examples of which are listed below :

*     Rust removal, from metal finishing etc.
*     Carbon removal.
*     Cleaning of steel moulds (plastic & rubber industry).
*     Cleaning control valves.
*     Air conditioning.
*     De-scaling water systems.
*     Cement removal & Cleaning stone masonry.
*     Textiles and Spinnerets.
*     Cleaning braised welded pipe work in Steel, Copper, Alloy and Aluminium.

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Biox Ltd provides environmental friendly cleaning products and processes allowing industry to have efficient cleaning solutions that keep employees safe in the workplace.

Non Flammable.
Non Hazardous.
Non Toxic.

And Low VOC's means better protection for employees and lower overall cleaning costs and disposal.

History being made !

Biox Gel and Liquid has been for many years used by Museuems.

Now re-launched for the consumer market as well as trade.

Available on-line , or via Conservation Resources, please contact us for distributor details.