Valve & Plumbing Cleaning

Biox is a great competitor to other well known brands of home
and industrial pipe work flushing products with great health and
safety and easy cleaning procedures it may change the way
you think about pipe work flushing and valve restoration !

Instructions For Use

Standard Valves / Pipe work & Micro Bore Cleaning:

To clean closed pipe work systems, pour Biox Liquid into header (Usually 5 tlrs is enough for most house systems) tank or pump into the systems, allow to circulate for 20
mins to 1 hour. Drain, removing scale and verdigris from the system and flush through with potable water, refill header tank and system. The system should now be free of lime scale and debris.

NB: Biox works best once heated to 60 degrees so a heated system is best left on.

If heavy contamination is suspected, re-circulate the used Biox Liquid, please make sure the previous contaminants have been filtered from the product before reusing - this is one of the great benefits of Biox Liquid, is its reusability and safe handling properties.

Once the system is cleaned Biox can be disposed of through potable water systems, so long as the contaminants being removed can be disposed of safely in via this method.

Valve Refurbishment

If a valve requires cleaning, remove from the system, place with valve open in Biox Liquid for 20 mins agitating occasionally, repeat with valve closed. The valve should now be free from verdigis and scale. Repeat if necessary until the valve moves freely. Dispose of Biox through normal drainage procedures, or remove debris and store in container if you wish to clean other components.

NB: On older heating systems in Houses, Boats etc. Lime scale build-ups can plug leaks in the system, if Biox Liquid is used, it is likely to expose this weakness and it must be noted that Biox Liquid Does Not attack nor damage metal or rubber and plastics.

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Biox Liquid not only removes Lime scale but soldering burnishes too ideal for joint assembly and manufacturing.
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Biox Ltd provides environmental friendly cleaning products and processes allowing industry to have efficient cleaning solutions that keep employees safe in the workplace.

Non Flammable.
Non Hazardous.
Non Toxic.

And Low VOC's means better protection for employees and lower overall cleaning costs and disposal.

History being made !

Biox Gel and Liquid has been for many years used by Museuems.

Now re-launched for the consumer market as well as trade.

Available on-line , or via Conservation Resources, please contact us for distributor details.