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Injection & Mould Cleaning & Finishing Process:

Biox Liquid has proved to be an excellent cleaning solution for
industries wishing to have a safe and environmentally friendly
product that cleans moulds, spinnerets and process finishing
deposits economically.

Coupled with the Biox range of Ultrasonic tanks makes for an efficient all in one solution to meet industries needs in oxide and contaminant removal. The following procedure for the cleaning of moulds and spinnerets is taken from case histories of companies using our product range and is given only as a guide line for illustration purposes. Individual requirements may vary depending upon articles and contamination levels to be cleaned.

Cleaning Procedures:

Remove all heavy oils and grease from article to be cleaned. Pre warm Biox liquid in Ultrasonic tank to between 40 - 60 C. place the object in the ultrasonic tank and allow to soak with Ultrasonic action for specified time, usually between 10 - 30 minutes depending upon degree of contamination.

After cleaning process has taken place remove article for inspection. Rinse with water, blow dry with airline and protect the article with an inhibitor. Disposal of Biox Liquid can be through potable water systems so long as the debris is either removed from the liquid or made safe to dispose of through a potable water system.

This cleaning process has the ability to clean the smallest of holes or closed end pipes and in-accessible areas. Metals can be cleaned to medical standards without any damage to synthetics, plastics or paint.

If the item to be cleaned is warm the cleaning processes is more efficient and no safety equipment of special ventilation is necessary when using Biox '02' liquid, even if the temperature is causing Biox to vaporize.


* Biox liquid does NOT give of any dangerous vapours when warmed - Low VOC Verified

* Handling article during or after cleaning process does NOT require any protective equipment.

* Biox liquid can be disposed of through normal drainage outlets as long as contaminants removed are not hazardous.

* Biox liquid can be used repeatedly until exhausted.

* Safe to use in confined spaces, and is Non Flammable.

* Spills do NOT present a hazard.

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Biox Ltd provides environmental friendly cleaning products and processes allowing industry to have efficient cleaning solutions that keep employees safe in the workplace.

Non Flammable.
Non Hazardous.
Non Toxic.

And Low VOC's means better protection for employees and lower overall cleaning costs and disposal.

History being made !

Biox Gel and Liquid has been for many years used by Museuems.

Now re-launched for the consumer market as well as trade.

Available on-line , or via Conservation Resources, please contact us for distributor details.