Biox Liquid and Gel easily removes Lime scale / Verdigris
from Glass, Tap fittings, Bath and Kitchen Surfaces and

Safe to use and ideal for home applications, onboard air lines
kettles and for drink dispensing machines who's pipe work is
clogged with lime scale or calcium build ups.

House hold applications such as brass and stainless steel taps come up brilliantly using Biox and Gel and safe in the knowledge that spills and exposure is not a risk factor.

Instructions for use.

Kettle :

Boil kettle with water to warm the kettle up.

Empty out the water and pour in Biox Liquid, allow to stand for 10 minutes, agitate the solution occasionally, being careful not to spill the Biox out of the kettle.

Once the lime scale is removed, pour out the waste and fill with fresh water and re-boil. Once this water is again emptied the Kettle is ready for use.


Just immerse the glass to be cleaned in Biox Liquid and gentle wash the item for a few minutes. Once the lime scale has lifted rinse under water by hand.

Tap Fittings:

Cover heavily contaminated areas with a few millimetres of Biox Gel of wipe a clothe soaked with Biox Liquid over the taps and allow to work for several minutes, heavy contamination may take longer. Rinse of the Biox Gel / Liquid with fresh water.


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Biox Ltd provides environmental friendly cleaning products and processes allowing industry to have efficient cleaning solutions that keep employees safe in the workplace.

Non Flammable.
Non Hazardous.
Non Toxic.

And Low VOC's means better protection for employees and lower overall cleaning costs and disposal.

History being made !

Biox Gel and Liquid has been for many years used by Museuems.

Now re-launched for the consumer market as well as trade.

Available on-line , or via Conservation Resources, please contact us for distributor details.