Biox News :

Biox is now becoming a successful partner in the cleaning of Brass
musical instruments within the industry, not only the aspect of
health and safety being important, but the cleaning of wind instruments
is efficient and of no risk to the user.

Surrey council are our most recent convert to our product and
we are delighted to work with councils and cleaning companies
in this exciting opening in the market for Biox 02 Liquid.

We've Moved :

But not far ! We have relocated to rural Devon in an attepmt to lower our carbon and
ommision footprint. We have just had our Tel/Fax no. changed to 01837 880135,
fortunately we have not been effected by the flooding that has hit the South West
but we wish all that have and the emergency services the very best in the recovery
and rebuilding of those effected by the terrible storms.

New Stock :

Biox Biodeg will be back in stock in the next two weeks and will be shipping
out to customers within a few days of receiving the product...

Biox Liquid finds new directions:

Biox liquid is so multifaceted in its uses, we have exciting news in the
servicing of musical instruments, we cannot say much at the moment
over this exciting new project but watch this space for news in the near

Testing on scaffold clips :

Biox Liquid although gentle on the enviroment is seriuosly tough on
Rust Verdigris and Cement. Kevin the Contracts Co-ordinator for
Riteway Rigging & Scaffolding Ltd tested Biox Liquid for use on
the removal of verdigirs from their clips. His thoughts and findings
are below :

"The trial was a great success, I am genuinly impressed with
the product - I trialed a clip without ultrasonics over the
weekend with excellent results."

Pictures are now up loaded to the Scaffolding and Tools section
of our website as pictures say a 1000 words !

If you are impressed by the results with such a safe and
environmentally friendly product and you would like to inquire as
to how we can assist in the safe cleaning of of your tools and
equipment then please drop us an email. 

Biox News :

We are pleased to announce and welcome aboard new distributors over the last
few months, both in industrial and hyper baric communities, please check our
distributor pages should you require product.

Our new distributor Soniklean is looking to supply the London area for the
plumbing industry and heat exchangers, which Biox works excellently on.

Exciting news in a slightly new direction, although we know that Biox is
great for historical artifacts, but we are experiencing very positive trials
in the cleaning of brass musical instrument internals. We will be updating
shortly, so save this page to favourites.

Trials in New Zealand have been very positive in the cleaning of scaffolding
equipment, check out our tools & scaffolding page for pictures of the trials
and review by the company.

Our second piece of sad news of recent, we unfortunately lost Jack Gunning who
passed away in November of 2010. Jack founded the business" Biox Ltd" over
thirty years ago and having the foresight to create a business in a time where
the environment was secondary to commerce. He was a great business man
and had many successful businesses and was an extraordinary character.
He was much loved and will be sorely missed.

Please note :

We are changing our email provider to Hotmail as we have had problems with
Yahoo servers our new email is below:

If you could kindly update you contact info but we will be send ing round a
circular very shortly.

Aiming for Market potential:

Biox Ltd is looking to push further into the pumbing industry, to compete
against well know competitors in the household pipework and radiator market.
Biox 02 has long been used in the oxygen pipework cleaning market and now
we are looking to expand into the consumer market for micro bore and heating
systems for the consumer market.

We are actively searching marketing and distributing companies to work along
side with to put Biox liquid in the market place for the public to use, being safe
and environmentally friendly and an excellent pipework descaler should have the
potential to see Biox alongside other well know brand names.

Please contact us should the above marketing opportunity be of interest to

History in the making:

Biox Gel and just been revitalised with-in the Antique restoration trade. We
launched an advertising campaign with the international magazine "Antiques
Info" to raise the awareness and availability of Biox Liquid and Gel to the
general public, as in the past it has only been marketed to Museums.

Now available on-line to purchase and directly through our distributor
Conservation Resources International please email us for links to our
distributors and e-tailers online.

Biox Liquid and Gel has been used on the Mary Rose project and is currently
used by Stately homes and places of historical interest in the cleaning and
refurbishing of Gilding.

Biox products are excellent for cleaning Gold and Silver and with Biox's excellent
health and safety can be used within in the home without worry of spillage, odour
or disposal. Biox products have been used in the jewellery trade for the cleaning
of gold rings and diamond jewellery, removing grim and dirt in seconds with
Ultrasonic tanks.

Biox has even been used for antique metal record restoration, with its gentle and
non aggressive cleaning action removes dirt, debris and oxidization within minutes.

Great for lime scale removal from glass and used by Museums worldwide, ideal
for the metal detector communities - why not buy some for your own personal
restoration of collections.