Biox News :

May we thank our Distributors & Customers.

Although the past 2 years have been made very difficult with the emergence of
Covid19, may we thanks the resilience and determination of both our Distributors
and Customers. We have been in the fortunate position of taking on new customers
from Gas and Oxygen servicing companies both here in the UK and abroad.

Growth has been steady and consistent and it is always good speaking with old
business acquaintances and new customers alike, looking for environmentally friendly
cleaning solutions.

Music to our ears!

Biox 02 over the past 3-4 years has been gaining ground in the servicing of
musical instruments.  Biox 02 is being used by several councils in the cleaning
and servicing of their Schools and local community Brass band instrument

In these difficult times we are now living in, the use of Biox 02 for
such cleaning duties with the assistance in a gentle cleaning action, being
able to restore items in a safe and clean environment.

Good News in our difficult times:

We are delighted to advise that Peakscientific and  B I S Valves are
now using Biox 02 Liquid in their cleaning processes for cleaning
manufacturing parts for ventilators and oxygen related components.

We are also delighted to welcome Ocean View Diving Services Ltd
to our Distributorship and look forward to a long and successful business

More Exciting News as we have two new Distributors on board!

We are delighted to welcome Konstantinos Dogkas as our Greek Representative.
With much experience in the Cave Diving community Konstantinos and based in
Syros, we look forward to serving the Greek divers and assisting with the
environmental challenges the world is facing.

Nigerian Distributor new appointment

We are delighted to welcome Rueko International to our list of growing
Distributors. New product is with Rueko International now and the point of
contact is Ms. Progress Ouomaini Progress. We wish the company every
success with their new appointment.

Wild Weather.

All at Biox Ltd wish those affected by the recent terrible weather
conditions experienced globally the very best in the recovery of
their lives and rebuilding of infrastructure. We cannot imaging
the stress and trauma these weather storms have caused.

The cost of cheap hazardous chemical use.

For Industries especially those that use chemicals must look at the
effect their having on the environment and the cost the hazardous
chemicals are having on our environment and our infrastructure.

'We may not change the weather, however we might change our attitude'

We all know that keeping costs down is a critical part of a company's
success. But at what cost, many companies are now looking to change
their procedures and processes to comply with legislation. We often
have one question - what does Biox 02 cost.

Well we know its not the cheapest product on the market we accept this,
but its reusability greatly reduces its cost in use, employees do not need
to be exposed to hazardous chemicals, and disposal cost of used product
in many instance is much lower. These considerations have to be taken
into account, as the use of harsh and hazardous cheaper chemicals, will
eventually close off companiy's own marketplaces as it's customers become
effected by these dramatic changes in weather.

Medical Gas Solutions.

We are very pleased to advise that the UK company Medical Gas Solutions
have tested Biox 02 for their oxygen cleaning uses and now use our
products for some of their cleaning requirements.

More exciting news from around the World.

We are delighted to announce and warmly welcome  the appoinment
of one of our latest distributors representing Biox produxts within
India - Planet Scuba India Pvt Ltd.

Biox Ltd has for some time wanted to fully enter this market area.
We wish them the very best of success, as there is massive
potential within this region for environmental products and systems.

Another great appointment.

Its been a busy couple of months and we are delighted to appoint
Arc Subsea as an Australian distributor. They are  looking to attack different
market areas within the oxygen servicing area, we wish them the very best
with their venture and look forward to supporting them in the future.

Fish at Sea !

To us one of the most exciting projects that Biox 02 has been involved
in recently, is within the Fishing vessel industry, where Biox has been used in
the cleaning of onboard pipe work used in the gas refrigeration pipes.

Biox 02 is used in the cleaning of pipe work on board ships where oil
has contaminated the refrigeration pipe work. This has caused an issue as
this pipe work cannot be removed from the ship.

Biox Bio Deg and Biox 02 are flushed through the system, to clean and remove the
oil contamination fast and efficiently, allowing the ship to get back to its
duties at sea - catching fish!

New Distributor appointment:

We would like to also welcome our NEW German distributor of Biox 02
Liquid, to our list of great Distributors worldwide. We wish them every success
with their new appointment and look forward to working alongside them to
get the word out to the oygen related industries on Biox 02.

We've Moved :

But not far ! We have relocated to rural Devon in an attepmt to lower our carbon and
ommision footprint. We have just had our Tel/Fax no. changed to 01837 880135,
fortunately we have not been effected by the flooding that has hit the South West
but we wish all that have and the emergency services the very best in the recovery
and rebuilding of those effected by the terrible storms.

New Stock :

Biox Biodeg will be back in stock in the next two weeks and will be shipping
out to customers within a few days of receiving the product...

Reviews of our Products :

Biox Liquid & Gel has never ceased to amaze us at its cleaning abilities and
safety in use, but we of course maybe be biased, read reviews of individuals
and companies who have tried Biox products and now understand the difference
between the cleaning abilites of Biox and alternative cleaners.

Please read the reviews on the link below :

New Distributor News :

We are pleased to announce additional distributors of Biox products within the EU.
Please view our distributor pages should you need supply of our Product range.

Info from STATS 2000

The Association of Scuba Service Engineers and Technicians (ASSET)

ASSET was one of the first organisation, in the diving industry, to recognise
the benefits of Biox for cleaning Air, Nitrox and Oxygen breathing apparatus
and pipework systems. For nearly 20 years, ASSET's UK training provider.
STATS 2000, has been using Biox in its training centre and it features as a
recommended cleaning product in ASSET Technician Handbooks. Many hundreds
of commercial and recreational diving technicians, and cylinder testers, around
the world, have been introduced to Biox through ASSET technician training.
For more information contact ASSET at


We are of course proud to support and be off service to our 
Military establishments here in the UK. Biox 02 has made some in-roads
into the RAF's servicing department, in the servicing of small parts
on their helicopters for service here and abroad. Our thoughts and
best wishes are with all those in service of our military.

Biox Expanding Worldwide Continues :

We here at Biox Ltd are delight to report the growth of Biox 02 Liquid's use
throught Europe and Internationally. Biox 02 has grown exponentially in its
use and popularity through out the Off Shore Hyperbaric community and
Military establishments. The ease of use, efficiency and recyclability has
continued to prove popular with service engineers of oxygen related

Biox Ltd Growth :

Biox will be putting out an advertising campaign shortly in sports diving magazines
in an attempt to highlight the use and safety elements that Biox 02 can bring in
cleaning of hyberbaric equipment in their clubs and organisations.

We are pleased to announce and welcome aboard new distributors over the last
few months, both in industrial and hyperbaric communities, please check our distributor
pages should you require product.

Roll Royce / Turbomeca have approved Biox 02 for use on stainless steel parts of their
military helicopters.

Sad News :

Our second piece of sad news of recent, we unfortunately lost Jack Gunning who passed away
in November of 2010. Jack founded the business" Biox Ltd" over thirty years ago and
having the foresight to create a business in a time where the environment was secondary to
commerce. He was a great business man and had many successful businesses and was an
extraordinary character. He was much loved and will be sorely missed.

Please note :

We are changing our email provider to Hotmail as we have had problems with
Yahoo servers our new email is below:

If you could kindly update your contact info, but we will be sending round a circular
very shortly.

Biox News :

It is with a sad heart that we were advised of the sudden loss of Cliff Hares of Solent Diving
in Portsmouth.

Cliff being a self made man with-in the Diving Industry was well known and loved with in the
community serving both military and sports divers with handmade suits as only he knew how.
And was certainly a character to deal with, we ourselves enjoyed many hours of abuse in
conversation and we always came up second best !

Our thoughts and support goes out to both Paul and Alan who now take Solent Divers
flagship forward in safe hands, and wish those close to Cliff our sincere sympathies and his
wit and humour will be sorely missed.

Fast becoming the industry standard for oxygen cleaning:

Biox '02' cleaning fluid is used by the Ministry of Defence, Military Establishments, Off Shore
and Diving schools Worldwide for the cleaning of their oxygenated breathing systems and
hyperbaric systems. It is a safe, non toxic, economic and effective procedure to clean the
breathing apparatus and other hyperbaric pipe work and systems.

Another Approval to add to Biox 02 accreditation:

Biox Ltd as obtained approval for use in the cleaning of "Tungum alloy" a metal used within the
Off-Shore Industry

Please click this text to load the approval certificate

VOC Report:

Biox has been verified as being Low in VOC emissions which means that it has a low odour
and does nto contaminate rubbers, seals and metal with harmful chemical emissions.

This verification was completed by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland report
reference no. VTT-S-0615-07 as Biox 02 Liquid being Non Flammable and being Low in VOC's.

Click this text to see the report.

Cleaning Approvals and Advancements within the Hyperbaric Industry:

Biox 02 Liquid is used within procedures of hyperbaric cleaning companies who have attained
Det Norske Veritas (DNV) cleaning accreditation. Whose stringent testing qualifications are of
the highest standards.