Carbon Removal

Often difficult to remove but Biox liquid and gel remove
carbon easily and is used for cleaning carbonate spark
plugs, aluminium wheels where carbon dust gets on them,
barrels of guns and exhaust carbon build up.

NB. it should be noted that Biox products will remove the blueing from metal, so it is best if cleaning barrels either to restore the whole item with new blueing or it the item to e cleaned is painted or anodized Biox will not affect these surfaces.

Biox does not affect the integrity of metal nor plastics and painted surfaces, so can be used in a wide range of applications where carbon is an issue.

Biox is used where the braising on pipe work  being welded together is an issue and cleans brass, copper and steel pipe work excellently, without effecting joins.

Instructions for use :

Immerse the item to be cleaned in Biox Liquid agitate periodically for a period of 15 mins and examine, re-immerse in Biox Liquid until completely clean. If using Ultrasonic's check after 5 mins and so on until the item is clean. After cleaning is complete just wash of with potable water and treat with preservative if necessary.

If using Gel spread 2-3mm of gel over the item, and leave for 15 minutes wipe a small area to inspect the cleaning process and re apply or wash of gel if cleaning is complete, protect appropriately. 

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Biox Ltd provides environmental friendly cleaning products and processes allowing industry to have efficient cleaning solutions that keep employees safe in the workplace.

Non Flammable.
Non Hazardous.
Non Toxic.

And Low VOC's means better protection for employees and lower overall cleaning costs and disposal.

History being made !

Biox Gel and Liquid has been for many years used by Museuems.

Now re-launched for the consumer market as well as trade.

Available on-line , or via Conservation Resources, please contact us for distributor details.