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Biox Questions and Answers :

Is Biox Liquid & Bio Deg compatible with Ultrasonic's :

Biox product range is totally compatible and enhanced by Ultrasonic action, Biox ltd has had a long standing relationship with Hilsonic Ltd. A major company in the Industrial Ultrasonic sector and our successful relationship between Biox and Ultrasonic's has served the industry well for over 20 years.

Is Biox 02 or Gel harmful :

No Biox 02 Liquid and Gel are certified as Non Hazardous, Non Flammable, Non Toxic and is safe to use without gloves or special equipment, although those with sensitive or broken skin it is recommended to wear gloves.

Does Biox Liquid have VOC Low emissions classification :

It has been verified by the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland that Biox 02 Liquid has a Low VOC emission and is Non Flammable (Research report No:VTT-S-06516-07) which means that Biox 02 and Liquid can be safely used in small clean rooms, also reducing the risk of cross migration in the cleaning process between chemicals and rubber.

The colour of Biox 02 has changed or is lighter in colour :

The Biox 02 Liquid uses a high grade food dye within the formulation, this is used only to help distinguish and identify the product. It is however known to fade in light and is photosensitive. However, the performance of Biox 02 is NOT affected by this and is fully functional.

Newer stock (by a month) will fade to a much lighter colour within a few weeks if exposed to light, it is an unfortunate effect of the mixing process, formulation and the reaction to light.

Is Biox Liquid expensive :

The Biox product range is relatively inexpensive and has a major advantage over many similar cleaning products, in that it has the ability to be recycled many times before exhausting itself. This means not only a safer working environment but a more economic cleaning system in the process. Biox can be stored for many years but once opened should be used within one year.

Does Biox degrease :

Yes Biox has the ability to remove light greases and oils, however heavy greases i.e. impact grease should be removed with Biodeg Degreaser which is a powerful degreaser and then cleaned with Biox 02 Liquid or Gel.

I have ingested Biox Liquid or Gel what should I do ? :

If Biox Liquid / Gel is ingested, it is recommended to drink copious amounts of water, Biox is non toxic and non hazardous and without individual complications should not affect the human body. However it is always recommended to seek medical advice.

Why is Biox Liquid not hazardous with a Ph of 2.2 :

Biox Liquid is a Biological enzyme product, the enzymic value produces a chemical type acidic value of ph 2.2 as stated in our Data sheets and is not harmful. This is owed to its 10 year research in development in the field of Bio chemistry to produce a safe, non-toxic, non-flammable product.

Why choose us?

Biox Ltd have been in the service for over 40 years delivering environmental products that are safer for use for employees and the environment.

In the cleaning of Steel and Brass Biox 02 and Gel is fantastic are removing vertigris, scale, oils and contamination, with the use of Ultrasonics Biox 02 is signicantly quicker in its cleaning tasks.
Biox 02 has been used within the Diving community and Industry for over 40 years in cleaning of oxygen related equipment. Safe and diverse in its cleaning ability, easy disposal in most conditions.

Our Distributor network are some of the most recognised businesses in the Gas Offshore and Military suppliers in the World. Please check our Distributor page for assistance in your cleaning projects.