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Biox Product Range
Environmental Cleaning Products & Processes

Data Packs for the Biox Product Range:

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Our product range offers both excellent Health & Safety and economy in use due to is recyclability and ease of disposal for much of our product range.

Biox 02 Oxygen/Hyperbaric Diving Data Pack

General Cleaning Datapack
Biox 02 basics of Oxygen Cleaning Pack/Details.

Why choose us?

Biox products are safe in use and kinder to the environment, used by Padi service engineers for sports and commercial cleaning. Our products can be used multiple times before being disposed off, giving great value for money and safer in disposal.

In the cleaning of Steel and Brass Biox 02 and Gel are fantastic in removing vertigris, scale, oils and contamination. The use of Ultrasonics means Biox 02 ability is signicantly quicker.

Biox 02 has been used within the Diving community and Industry for over 40 years in cleaning of oxygen related equipment. Safe and diverse in its cleaning ability, easy disposal in most conditions.

Our Distributor network are some of the most recognised businesses in the Gas Offshore and Military suppliers in the World. Please check our Distributor page for assistance in your cleaning projects.

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