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  • Biox 02 for all your oygen needs
  • Biox 02 for all your oygen needs

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Environmental Products & Processes for
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Versatile, safe and effective cleaning...
The Biox Product Range:

Fast becoming the industry standard for oxygen cleaning. Biox '02' cleaning fluid is used by the Ministry of Defence, Military Establishments, Off Shore and Diving schools Worldwide for the cleaning of their oxygenated breathing systems and hyperbaric equipment.

It is a safe, non-toxic, economic and effective product to clean the breathing apparatus and other hyperbaric pipe work and systems. Our cleaning procedures have for many years been used by PADI instructors and Emergency Services / Military establishments for the cleaning of Hyperbaric and Oxygen systems and equipment, our products are one of the best products out there for purpose and value.

Biox 02 Liquid is used within procedures of hyperbaric cleaning companies who have attained Det Norske Veritas (DNV) cleaning accreditation. Whose stringent testing qualifications have shown that post cleaning using Biox 02 with the Mara/Lloyds Register of Shipping cleaning methods, left no contamination nor trace of Biox 02 within the apparatus and was fit for Oxygen use, showing the cleaning abilities of Biox 02 are of the highest standards.

With the use of Biox 02 Liquid and Biox Bio Deg, we offer Industries, Military and Consumers fantastic cleaning possibilities. Coupled together with the power of Ultrasonic action can bring the highest standards and safety to cleaning requirements. Together we can protect our employees and the environment from the harsher chemical alternatives.

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Re-useable and safe.
Biox products are safe in use and transport, exporting to most countries without issue. Offering less environmental impact than many cleaning chemicals.

About our cleaning products:

Biox Cleaning Products offer environmentally safe solutions for industrial cleaning projects. Diverse in its cleaning abilities, removing carbon, oils, limescale and contaminates. Making cleaning tasks safer and combined with its recyclability, allows for an economic solution to cleaning challenges. With great Health & Safety and exceptionally low environmental impact, our product range is the go to for your cleaning requirements.

Making a difference in cleaning possibilities:


Biox 02 Liquid:

Biox Cleaning Product Range is diverse in its cleaning abilities, although mainly used for cleaning of oxygen and hyperbaric equipment, decompression chambers, pipework and valves, this product has been in service for over 40 years in the cleaning of oygen related equipment. Biox 02 is also used for servicing of brass wind instruments, hydrogen pipework, shipping cooler systems and many challenging cleaning requirements within industry.


Biox Bio Deg:

Biox Bio Deg is a powerful concentrate alkaline liquid degreaser, that should in most cases be diluted from 4-12 : 1 for most degreasing needs. It is compatible with Biox 02 Liquid, but also fantastic as a general degreaser for the most demanding jobs! Its H&S is good for such a strong degreaser and is used for most oils and impact greases.


Biox Gel:

Biox Gel is a water based gel that is used by antique restorers and car enthusiasts for many years as a safe cleaner of valuable items made from Gold or Silver and Gilding. Being able to be applied topically rather than immersing in a liquid, giving a viable alternative for removing difficult contaminants from precious metals. Used in Museums, historical watches clubs and musical machine renovators. Gentle in action and safe to handle and dispose of. Biox 02/Gel doesn't impact marble either.


Cleaning is as easy as...


Remove debris and heavy oils with Biox Bio Deg. Immerse items in an Ultrasoinc Tank with Biox 02 liquid.

Check regularly as to the cleaning progress. Biox 02 works best when warmed to 60 Deg. C. Once cleaned, rinse with clean or distrilled water.

After rinsing, dry and protect as normal. Hyperbaric equipment should either be dried with inert gas or heat oven, then packed immediately or reassembled.
How Biox products can change the way you see the challenges of cleaning:

Oxygen & Hyperbaric Cleaning:
Biox products have a variety of uses, predominately within the Oxygen and Hyperbaric cleaning industries using Biox 02 Liquid and Biox Bio Deg. Our products are used and distributed by many prestigious Offshore and Diving companies, who are involved in the servicing of oxygenated breathing equipment and pipework. Biox 02 has Nato codification and is used by Military establishments worldwide. The re-usability credentials, health and safety and fantastic cleaning abilities make it a perfect partner for oxygen related equipment. The use of an Ultrasonic tank makes our product not only a safe in use, but extremely powerful in its cleaning abilities.

Pipeline Cleaning:
Used by Hydrogen Plant systems, in the cleaning of their pipework systems. Biox is safe in use and provides excellent results, being easy to dispose of after use. Biox 02 is a perfect partner for all your pipework cleaning projects from oxygen lines to shipping air conditioning pipework.

Post Manufacture Cleaning:
Biox 02 is ideal for post manufacture cleaning processes, removing machining oils, derbis without harming the steels used, cleaning to a high standard and ready for packing and distribution. 


Our product Biox 02 is being used in the pre cleaning of Stainless Steel in the passivation process, making the steel more rust resistant. The steel must be spotless for Passivation to work, Biox 02 ensures this process.

Filtration Systems:
Biox 02 is being used by the British Sugar industry in the cleaning of their sugar filtration systems, removing contamination and deposits from their steel filteration systems. Biox 02 has also been used for cleaning spinneret machinery, where deposits and heat carbonisation are removed.

Musical Instrument Servicing:
Biox 02 has met great success in the Brass musical instrument cleaning industry. Used by the most respected cleaning companies within the UK for their Brass instrument restoration and servicing needs. Gentle in use and safe for the cleaning purposes at hand.

Historical Artefact Restoration:
Biox Gel and Biox 02 has been used for years in the historical artefact restoration and cleaning industry. Used for watch restoration, cleaning gilding, historical artefacts and car restoration.

Biox Gel and Liquid are able to clean gently and safely without damaging the metals involved and restoring historical items to the best condition possible. Biox products are sold by Conservation resources and used by historical museums in their archive and conservation storage.

Cement Removal:

Biox 02 is fanatastic in the removal of cement, it breaks it down easily and is safer than many products in it's removal. Used to clean scaffolding clips and stands, freeing them up and bringing them back to a workable condition, even if seized. Biox is also known to remove sea molluscs/barnacles which have bound themselves to metals, removal is best done by ultrasonic action with Biox 02 liquid.

Please click below to review our
Data Packs, MSDS and Certification:

Our Diving & Oxygen Cleaning Datapacks
Our Data packs give general guidelines for the cleaning of oxygen equipment, data from the Lloyds Register of Shipping and Mara oxygen cleaning procedures.
Biox Products MSDS
Our product range has excellent qualities for safe use and recyclability. Biox 02 liquid is Non Hazardous, Non Flammable, Non Toxic and Low VOC makes Biox 02 safe for employees in use and kinder for the environment.
Our ISO Certification and Statements
Please find our ISO Certification and Statements on Miniing & Slavery, for your records and assurance as to our policies and business practices.
Biox General Data Pack
Biox's product range has a wide variety of uses, the datapack gives a general overview of the potential and cleaning abilites of Biox products.

Why choose us?

Biox Ltd has been in the business of supplying environmental cleaning products for over 40 years. We work very hard to assist companies with their cleaning projects and make sure they get value for money and recyclability out of our product range. Biox 02 Liquid is an excellent alternative to more hazardous and dangerous chemicals used. We are also very proud of our worldwide Distributor base, offering excellent service and products to the Diving, Off-Shore and Business communities. Please contact our Distributors to find out more on how Biox products can assist with your industrial cleaning requirements.

Great Performance & Support
Safe in use and recyclable, lasting a long period of time for most cleaning tasks. Powerful cleaning abilities and compatible with Ultrasonic systems.

Multiple Cleaning Uses!
Biox products have an incredible variation in cleaning uses, removing Carbon, Oxidisation, Lime scale and Contaminants from metal surfaces quickly and safely.

Ultrasonic Performance!
Biox 02 & Bio Deg produce fantastic results using Ultrasonic cleaning. Improved cleaning times, recyclable and powerful cleaning action, taking advantage of the power of Ultrasonic action.


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